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What is Double Chance in Soccer Betting? Effective Strategies to Play









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The diversity of betting options often leaves many individuals perplexed and apprehensive when engaging in wagering activities. Double Chance is one such betting option. Today, we will delve into the concept of Double Chance in this article!

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What is Double Chance?
Double Chance, often referred to by its English name, is a type of bet where you select 2-3 potential outcomes that could occur in a soccer match. As we know, there are only three possible outcomes in a soccer game: win, lose, or draw. Unless the match is postponed or canceled due to various reasons such as security concerns...
Therefore, the probability of winning with Double Chance bets is relatively high and unsurprising that it garners significant attention from bettors. Additionally, the potential winnings are substantial, as betting companies usually offer attractive odds for this type of bet.
How to Play Double Chance
In principle, Double Chance bets are applicable only during official game time and added time. Extra time and penalty shootouts are not taken into account.
For most contemporary betting companies, Double Chance bets are typically represented as 1×2. These symbols are understood as follows:
1 indicates either the home team wins or the match ends in a draw.
X indicates either the home team wins or the away team wins.
2 indicates either the away team wins or the match ends in a draw.
When using the 1×2 format on the odds boards of betting companies, in the case of a neutral venue match, the team listed first is assumed to be the home team, and the other is the away team.

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How to Calculate Double Chance Bets
Double Chance bets are akin to placing simultaneous wagers on two outcomes in the 1×2 market. The approximate calculation formula is as follows:
1x: 1/ (1/odds 1 + 1/odds x)
12: 1/ (1/odds 1 + 1/odds 2)
For example, consider the match between Brazil and Ecuador in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for the South American region. The Double Chance odds can be calculated as follows:
1x: 1/(1/1.26 + 1/5.60) = 1.028 (approximating to 1.03, corresponding to the 'Home or Draw' outcome in Double Chance)
12: 1/(1/1.26 + 1/9.30) = 1.109 (approximating to 1.11, corresponding to the 'Home or Away' outcome in Double Chance)
Effective Strategies for Playing Double Chance Bets
When it comes to effective strategies for playing Double Chance bets, bettors can easily refer to various forums that provide valuable tips and insights. However, to mitigate risks, it's essential to select reputable forums. Here are some valuable insights from experienced bettors for your consideration:
In matches with a significant skill disparity between teams, readily identifiable through factors like substantial handicap odds or low 1x2 odds, consider selecting the stronger team and the draw, as the chances of these teams winning are higher.
Matches between evenly-matched teams, whether at the top or bottom of the league, require careful consideration. These matches are often challenging to predict and sometimes rely on gut feelings. However, base your decision on the recent performance of both teams, usually over the last 5-10 matches. After assessing the form, choose the team with the better performance and the draw.
Avoid selecting the draw option in Cup matches.
Soccer matches don't occur all the time, particularly in major tournaments like the top 5 European leagues, Euro, World Cup, etc. Smaller tournaments can provide betting opportunities when major tournaments are not taking place. Nonetheless, it's advisable to opt for major tournaments that attract more attention.

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With this article, we've provided you with insights into Double Chance bets. Hopefully, this information empowers you to master this betting option and make successful wagers


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